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Title: Orchestrating Web-Based Collaborative Inquiry Learning with Small Group and Classroom Scripts
Authors: Kollar, Ingo
Wecker, Christof
Langer, Sybille
Fischer, Frank
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Kollar, I., Wecker, C., Langer, S., & Fischer, F. (2011). Orchestrating Web-Based Collaborative Inquiry Learning with Small Group and Classroom Scripts. In Spada, H., Stahl, G., Miyake, N., & Law, N. (Eds.), Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL2011 Conference Proceedings. Volume I — Long Papers (pp. 422-429). Hong Kong, China: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Collaborative inquiry learning is a promising approach to foster students' online search competence. Yet, to be effective, it needs to be structured appropriately. In a quasi- experimental field study employing a 2x2 design, we investigated the effects of a small-group collaboration script (present vs. absent), two variants of a classroom script (online search activities constantly located on the small group level vs. online search activities alternating between plenary and small group level) and their different combinations on online search competence during an inquiry learning unit on Genetic Engineering. Results indicate that scaffolding on at least one of the two levels (realizing plenary phases or providing a small group script) is necessary to reach higher levels of online search competence. However, combining classroom scripts that alternate between plenary and small-group phases and small- group scripts did not further improve online search competence.
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