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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Designing to Improve Biology Understanding Complex Systems in High School Classrooms: No Simple Matter!Yoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Wang, Joyce; Scheintaub, Hal; Reider, David
2011-06Fostering Critical Thinking in Science Museums through Digital AugmentationsYoon, Susan; Elinich, Karen; Wang, Joyce; Steinmeier, Christopher; Van Schooneveld, Jackie
2012-07Investigating the Effects of Varying Labels as Scaffolds for Visitor LearningWang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan; Elinich, Karen; Van Schooneveld, Jackie
2012-07Investigating the Relative Difficulty of Various Complex Systems Ideas in BiologyGoh, Sao-Ee; Yoon, Susan; Wang, Joyce; Yang, Zhitong; Klopfer, Eric
2011-06Learning Science through Knowledge-Building and Augmented Reality in MuseumsYoon, Susan; Elinich, Karen; Steinmeier, Christopher; Wang, Joyce; Tucker, Sean
2014-06Learning With Multiple Visualizations in the Science MuseumWang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan
2014-06Synergistic Scaffolding of Technologically-Enhanced STEM Learning in Informal InstitutionsLyons, Leilah; Anderson, Emma; Carney, Michael; Elinich, Karen; Lindgren, Robb; Tscholl, Michael; Quintana, Chris; Roberts, Jessica; Wang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan; Tabak, Iris
2014-06Using an Adaptive Expertise Lens to Understand the Quality of Teachers’ Classroom Implementation of Computer-Supported Reform Curricula in High School ScienceYoon, Susan; Koehler, Jessica; Wang, Joyce; Anderson, Emma; Klopfer, Eric