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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Through the (Thin-Slice) Looking Glass: An Initial Look at Rapport and Co-Construction Within Peer CollaborationOlsen, Jennifer K.; Finkelstein, Samantha
2017-07Contrasting Explicit and Implicit Support for Transactive Exchange in Team Oriented Project Based LearningWang, Xu; Wen, Miaomiao; Rose, Carolyn
2017-07Mediating Access: How Visually Impaired Users Leverage Collaborative Learning to Keep Up With Mobile Phone InnovationsPal, Joyojeet; Viswanathan, Anandhi; Johri, Aditya
2017-07Scoring Qualitative Informal Learning Dialogue: The SQuILD Method for Measuring Museum Learning TalkRoberts, Jessica; Lyons, Leilah
2017-07Can We Rely on IRR? Testing the Assumptions of Inter-Rater ReliabilityEagan, Brendan R.; Rogers, Bradley; Serlin, Ronald; Ruis, Andrew R.; Irgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Shaffer, David Williamson
2017-07Learning to Model Ecosystems With Interaction Food Webs in Middle School ClassroomsLui, Michelle; Moher, Tom
2017-07The Role of Visual Representations Within the Scientific Practice of ExplanationQuintana, Rebecca; Moher, Tom; Slotta, James
2017-07To What Extent Students’ Epistemic Beliefs Influence Their Engagement in Argumentative Discourse and Attitudinal ChangeNoroozi, Omid; Hatami, Javad; Mulder, Martin; Biemans, Harm
2017-07Videoconferencing in Peer Review: Exploring Differences in Efficiency and OutcomesPier, Elizabeth L.; Raclaw, Joshua; Ford, Cecilia E.; Kaatz, Anna; Carnes, Molly; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2017-07CSCL and Vocational Education: A Bond Worthy of Investigation?Schwendimann, Beat A.; De Wever, Bram; Hämäläinen, Raija; Cattaneo, Alberto A. P.