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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Knowledge Building Inquiry and Reflection in Developing Children's Epistemology of ScienceChan, Carol; Xu, Cindy; Lin, Feng
2018-07Engaging Teachers in Discussions Around Temporality Measures from Analytics to Inform Knowledge Building DiscourseTeo, Chew Lee; Chan, Carol; Ng, Dingxuan
2018-07Research Questions to Support Conversational Learning in the Era of Ubiquitous, Mobile AgentsSchloss, Bob; Chang, Maria D; Vempaty, Aditya; Acharya, Arup; Kokku, Ravindranath; Wilde, Lorin; Mukhi, Nirmal
2018-07Exploring Teacher Learning through STEM Teachers’ Exploration of Data Using a Domain Specific Coding LanguagePrice-Dennis, Detra; Lang, Charles
2018-07Design based research approaches towards enhancing social learning practices in MOOC platformsTubman, Philip; Oztok, Murat
2018-07Competing Epistemologies in the Construction of Popular ScienceDavis, Pryce
2018-07Do Alternative Instructional Approaches Result in Different Learning Progressions?Castro-Faix, Moraima; Todd, Amber; Romine, William; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2018-07Parents’ decontextualized talk during early childhood predicts the neural basis of narrative processing in later childhoodDemir-Lira, Özlem Ece; Asaridou, Salomi S.; Levine, Susan C.; Goldin-Meadow, Susan; Small, Steven L.
2018-07Collaborative, Multi-perspective Historical Writing: The Explanatory Power of a Dialogical FrameworkKolikant, Yifat Ben-David; Pollack, Sarah
2018-07Youth, Learning and Social Media in K-12 Education: The State of the FieldAskari, Emilia; Brandon, Diana; Galvin, Sarah; Greenhow, Christine