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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Supporting Teachers in Navigating Change Towards Science Practices Focus in the Classroom: Investigating Current Teacher Support for Science PracticesMartin, Nicole D.; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2016-07Investigating Effects of Embedding Collaboration in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Elementary School StudentsOlsen, Jennifer K.; Rummel, Nikol; Aleven, Vincent
2016-07Development of Disciplined Interpretations Using Computational Modeling in the Elementary Science ClassroomFarris, Amy Voss; Dickes, Amanda Catherine; Sengupta, Pratim
2016-07How Socio-Cognitive Information Affects Individual Study DecisionsSchnaubert, Lenka; Bodemer, Daniel
2016-07Examining Tensions Among Youth, Adults, and Curriculum as Co-Designers in 4-H STEM Learning Through Design ProgramsWorker, Steven M.; Ching, Cynthia Carter
2016-07How a 6th Grade Classroom Develops Epistemologies for Building Scientific KnowledgeKrist, Christina
2016-07Mobilities of Criticality: Space-Making, Identity and Agency in a Youth-Centered MakerspaceBarton, Angela Calabrese; Tan, Edna; Shin, Myunghwan
2016-07Analyzing Patterns of Emerging Understanding and Misunderstanding in Collaborative Science Learning: A Method for Unpacking Critical Turning PointsPortolese, Alisha; Markauskaite, Lina; Lai, Polly K.; Jacobson, Michael J.
2016-07Understanding Middle School Teachers’ Processing of Student-Generated Resources in Science ClassroomsLiu, Xinyang; Chen, Shu; Jin, Yinglian; Pei, Xinning; Zheng, Tainian; Xiao, Sihan
2016-07The Effect of Concrete Materials on Children’s Subsequent Numerical Explanations: Metaphorical PrimingManches, Andrew; Dragomir, Mihaela