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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Designing the Idea Manager to Integrate STEM Content and Practices During a Technology-Based Inquiry InvestigationTate, Erika D.; Feng, Mingyu; McElhaney, Kevin W.
2016-07Opportunities to Learn Through Design: Mapping Design Experiences to Teacher LearningHorton, Emily; Cunningham, Jahneille; Gomez, Louis M.; Gomez, Kimberley; Rodela, Katherine
2016-07“Doing Double Dutch”: Becoming Attuned to Rhythms of Pathways In and Through Community SpacesDuckles, Joyce M.; Moses, George; Van Alstyne, Ryan; Stroud, Brandon
2016-07Visual Augmentation of Deictic Gestures in MOOC VideosSharma, Kshitij; D'Angelo, Sarah; Gergle, Darren; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2016-07No One Ever Steps in the Same Discussion Twice: The Relationship Between Identities and MeaningÖztok, Murat; Arvaja, Maarit
2016-07“Hearts Pump and Hearts Beat”: Engineering Estimation as a Form of Model-Based ReasoningKothiyal, Aditi; Murthy, Sahana; Chandrasekharan, Sanjay
2016-07Situated Learning, Situated Knowledge: Situating Racialization, Colonialism, and Patriarchy Within Communities of PracticeCurnow, Joe
2016-07Joint Idea-Building in Online Collaborative Group DiscussionsOng, Yann Shiou; Borge, Marcela
2016-07Metaphors Are Projected Constraints on Action: An Ecological Dynamics View on Learning Across the DisciplinesAbrahamson, Dor; Sánchez–García, Raúl; Smyth, Cliff
2016-07Expanding Outcomes: Exploring Varied Forms of Teacher Learning in an Online Professional Development ExperienceYurkofsky, Maxwell; Blum-Smith, Sarah; Brennan, Karen