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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07The Influence of Question Wording on Children’s Tendencies to Provide Teleological Explanations for Natural PhenomenaHalls, Jonathan; Ainsworth, Shaaron; Oliver, Mary
2016-07Validating a Model for Assessing Teacher’s Adaptive Expertise With Computer Supported Complex Systems Curricula and Its Relationship to Student Learning OutcomesYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Evans, Chad
2016-07Combining Exploratory Learning With Structured Practice to Foster Conceptual and Procedural Fractions KnowledgeRummel, Nikol; Mavrikis, Manolis; Wiedmann, Michael; Loibl, Katharina; Mazziotti, Claudia; Holmes, Wayne; Hansen, Alice
2016-07Idea Identification and Analysis (I2A): A Search for Sustainable Promising Ideas Within Knowledge-Building DiscourseLee, Vwen Yen Alwyn; Tan, Seng Chee; Chee, Joon Kit Kelvin
2016-07Introducing Academically Low-Performing Young Science Students to Practices of ScienceArvidsson, Toi Sin; Kuhn, Deanna
2016-07Supporting Inquiry Learning as a Practice: A Practice Perspective on the Challenges of IBL Design, Implementation and Research MethodologyPrinsen, Fleur R.
2016-07The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning on Students’ Performance Trajectory in the Flipped Math ClassroomSun, Zhiru; Lu, Lin; Xie, Kui
2016-07Training Learners to Self-Explain: Designing Instructions and Examples to Improve Problem SolvingMargulieux, Lauren E.; Morrison, Briana B.; Guzdial, Mark; Catrambone, Richard
2016-07The Interactional Work of Configuring a Mathematical Object in a Technology-Enabled Embodied Learning EnvironmentFlood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.; Abrahamson, Dor
2016-07What Do Learning Scientists Do? A Survey of the ISLS MembershipYoon, Susan A.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.