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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Social, Motivational and Affective Dimensions of Learning through Social InteractionAsterhan, Christa S. C.; Clarke, Sherice N.
2014-06Learning With Multiple Visualizations in the Science MuseumWang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan
2014-06Examining How Students Make Sense of Slow-Motion VideoYuan, Min; Kim, Nam Ju; Drake, Joel; Smith, Scott; Lee, Victor R.
2014-06Sink or Swim: Understanding the Evolution of User Behaviors in an Online Educational CommunityYuan, Min; Ye, Lei; Recker, Mimi
2014-06Community-Based Engineering and Novice Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge of Engineering PracticesWendell, Kristen B.; Dalvi, Tejaswini
2014-06Leveraging Educative Approaches to STEM Disciplinary and Instructional PracticesBell, Philip; Chowning, Jeanne; Klein, Elaine; McGowan, Veronica; Peterman, Tana; Wingert, Kerri; Arias, Anna Maria; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Palincsar, Annemarie S.; Luehmann, April
2014-06Is the Sum Greater than Its Parts? Reflections on the Agenda of Integrating Analyses of Cognition and LearningLevin, Mariana; Parnafes, Orit; Koschmann, Timothy; diSessa, Andrea A.; Stevens, Reed; Hall, Rogers; Danish, Joshua A.; Enyedy, Noel
2014-06Visualizing Three-Dimensional Spatial Relationships in Virtual and Physical Astronomy EnvironmentsUdomprasert, Patricia; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Sadler, Philip; Lotridge, Erin; Jackson, Jonathan; Constantin, Ana- Maria; Zhang, Zhihui Helen; Sunbury, Susan; Dussault, Mary
2014-06Connecting Learning and Becoming: Studying Epistemologies and Identities as Interconnected, Dynamic SystemsGottlieb, Eli; Herrenkohl, Leslie Rupert; Wortham, Stanton; Rhodes, Catherine; Packer, Martin J.; Gonzalez, Martha Rocío; Sfard, Anna
2014-06The Discourse of Creative Problem Solving in Childhood Engineering EducationDeitrick, Elise; O'Connell, Brian; Shapiro, R. Benjamin