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Title: A Conjecture Mapping Primer for Computer Scientists: Merging Learning Theories and Technical Research
Authors: Chang, Michael Alan
Dickler, Rachel
Keywords: design-based research
interdisciplinary collaboration
conjecture maps
artificial intelligence
data privacy
Issue Date: Apr-2023
Publisher: Digital Promise and the International Society of the Learning Sciences
Abstract: With the surge of recent proposals to apply emergent technologies to educational contexts, computer scientists and learning scientists must find ways to bridge the gap between technical designs and the complexity and nuance of real classroom environments. In this primer, we describe how conjecture maps, a tool commonly used by learning scientists, can support deep interdisciplinary collaborations between computer scientists and learning scientists. We provide an overview of the literature around the use of conjecture maps in the learning sciences and present an adapted conjecture map that highlights the contributions of computer scientists and the impact of their work on larger educational outcomes.
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