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Title: Expansive Modeling: Broadening the scope of modeling in K-12 education
Authors: Wagh, Aditi
Dickes, Amanda
Lam-Herrera, Marilu
Sengupta, Pratim
Reimers, Jackson
Vogelstein, Lauren
Brady, Corey
Steinberg, Rebecca
Thomas, Curtis
Pierson, Ashlyn
Farris, Amy Voss
Wolkenhauer, Rachel
Lloyd, Gwendolyn
Murphy, P. Karen
DeLiema, David
Enyedy, Noel
Danish, Joshua
Steen, Francis
Fridman, Chani
Levy, Sharona T.
Hel-Or, Hagit
Bang, Megan
Keywords: Learning Sciences
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Wagh, A., Dickes, A., Lam-Herrera, M., Sengupta, P., Reimers, J., Vogelstein, L., Brady, C., Steinberg, R., Thomas, C., Pierson, A., Farris, A. V., Wolkenhauer, R., Lloyd, G., Murphy, P. K., DeLiema, D., Enyedy, N., Danish, J., Steen, F., Fridman, C., Levy, S. T., Hel-Or, H., & Bang, M. (2021). Expansive Modeling: Broadening the scope of modeling in K-12 education. In de Vries, E., Hod, Y., & Ahn, J. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the Learning Sciences - ICLS 2021. (pp. 827-834). Bochum, Germany: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Modeling is generally recognized as the core disciplinary practice of science. Through examinations of rich learning environments which expand the boundaries of modeling and the practices connected to it, researchers are broadening what modeling means in disciplinary settings. This interactive session brings together a diverse spectrum of scholars to share the practices they have used to expand modeling, how they were used in their curriculum, and the impact they had on learning. This session will serve as a rich opportunity for discussion to help advance the state of the field around what counts as modeling and the role it can play in learning.
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