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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Family Resilience during Covid-19: Contrasting Cases of Mothers’ Beliefs and Behaviors to Support Child Well-beingNguyen, Judy; Barron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Lam, Cindy K.; Pozos, Rose K.; Lin, Veronica; Levy, Zohar; Garcia, Susie
2021-06Designing for Home-Based Science Learning: Infrastructuring Within New Openings and ConstraintsBeckert, Betsy; Stoler, Annabel; Georgen, Chris; Manz, Eve; Suárez, Enrique
2021-06“Their Evidence is No Good”: How Middle School English Learners and Students With Low Language Scores Successfully Engaged in Scientific Argument CritiqueNussbaum, E. Michael; Van Winkle, Michael S.; Herrera, Alicia; Putney, LeAnn G.; Huerta, Margarita; Dove, Ian J.
2021-06A New Mixed-methods Study of Learning-at-disturbance in Experienced DesignersGe, Xiao; Leifer, Larry; Shui, Linlin
2021-06Learning to Center Relational Ontologies: Desettling Interaction Analysis MethodsKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Y., Jasmine; Bang, Megan; Marin, Ananda
2021-06Students Doing Citizen Science on an Unfolding PandemicVasudevan, Veena; Matuk, Camillia; Bumbacher, Engin; Davidesco, Ido; Dikker, Suzanne; Sadhukha, Sushmita; Chaloner, Kim; Burgas, Kim; Martin, Rebecca; Shevchenko, Yury
2021-06Designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Virtual Humans for Simulation-Based Training with Graduate Teaching AssistantsDai, Chih-Pu; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Zhaihuan; West, Luke; Bhowmik, Saptarshi; Yuan, Xin
2021-06Supporting Third Graders’ Use of Subroutines in Programming through Play Versus Worked ExamplesKocabas, Sezai; Bofferding, Laura
2021-06Cognitive Load Measurement Using Two Kinesthetic-Based Methods: Rhythmic Tapping Method and Tactile Detection Response TaskGreenberg, Kevin
2021-06"That Was Mindblowing”: How Reading with a Social Robot Enhances Science Learning ExperiencesMichaelis, Joseph E; Mutlu, Bilge