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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06The Possibilities and Limitations of Infrastructuring With a No-excuses Charter NetworkLindsay, William; Otero, Valerie
2020-06Collaborative and Emergent Regulation of Open-Ended Inquiry through Semiotically Mediated StructuresPesaresi, Simona; Zhang, Jianwei
2020-06Building Capacity Via Facilitator Agency: Tensions in Implementing an Adaptive Model of Professional DevelopmentBoles, Kelly; Jarry-Shore, Michael; Villa, Anthony; Malamut, James; Borko, Hilda
2020-06Scaling Just Like Experts Do: Results of an Expert Interview StudyMazziotti, Claudia; Doenmez, Rüya; Roschelle, Jeremy
2020-06Multimodal Data Analytics for Assessing Collaborative InteractionsKim, Yanghee; D'Angelo, Cynthia; Cafaro, Francesco; Ochoa, Xavier; Espino, Danielle; Kline, Aaron; Hamilton, Eric; Lee, Seung; Butail, Sachit; Liu, Lichuan; Trajkova, Milka; Tscholl, Michael; Hwang, Jaejin; Lee, Sungchul; Kwon, Kyungbin
2020-06NetLogo Mobile: An Agent-Based Modeling Platform and Community for Learners, Teachers, and ResearchersChen, John; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Designing Multilevel Architecture for Learning to Support Continuous Learning Innovations: Two School Cases in A Design-based Implementation Research ProjectLiang, Leming; Ko, Pak On; Wang, Yutong; Law, Nancy
2020-06Studying Whole Class Discussions at Scale With Conversation Profile AnalysisJones, Ryan Seth; Rosenberg, Joshua
2020-06Using Machine Learning to Understand Students’ Learning Patterns in SimulationsJang, Wonkyung; Francisco, Joshua; Ranganathan, Nethra; McCarroll, Kathleen Marley; Ryoo, Kihyun
2020-06Spread and Scale in the Digital Age: A Conceptual FrameworkCoburn, Cynthia; Higgs, Jennifer; Morel, Richard Paquin; Catterson, Amy