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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06An Interactional Ethnographic Approach to Understanding the Design of Student Learning in a Self-directed STEM ClassKo, Pak On
2020-06Community Conversations: A Model for Community-Driven Design of Learning Ecosystems with Geospatial TechnologiesErete, Sheena; Dickinson, Jessa; Martin, Caitlin; Bethune, Anna; Pinkard, Nichole
2020-06Designing for Spatial Thinking in STEM: Embodying Perspective Shifts Does Not Lead to Improvements in the Imagined OperationsDeSutter, Dane; Stieff, Mike
2020-06Unpacking Collaborative Sense-Making: The Role of Reflective Accuracy in Collaborative Process QualityAldemir, Tugce; Borge, Marcela
2020-06To Design, or To Redesign?: Juxtaposing Creation and Play in Game DesignCortes, Luis Perez; Gee, Elisabeth; Kessner, Taylor
2020-06How Students Weight Different Types of Group Awareness Attributes in Wiki Articles: A Mixed-Methods ApproachOllesch, Lisa; Heimbuch, Sven; Krajewski, Hannah; Weisenberger, Cora; Bodemer, Daniel
2020-06Exploring the Utility of Eye-tracking in Identifying Misconceptions in a Digital Mathematics GameSchnieders, Joyce; San Pedro, Maria Ofelia Z.; Paek, Pamela; Claypool, Anthony; Coulson, Andrew
2020-06Systematic Literature Review on Narrative-Based Learning in Educational Technology Learning Environments (2007-2017)Mawasi, Areej; Nagy, Peter; Wylie, Ruth
2020-06Anchoring Computational Thinking in Upper Elementary Physical Science Through Problem-Centered Storytelling and PlayMott, Bradford; Oliver, Kevin; Minogue, James; Houchins, Jennifer; Smith, Andy; Taylor, Sandra; Hubbard-Cheuoua, Aleata; Ringstaff, Cathy
2020-06Using Computational Modeling to Integrate Science and Engineering Curricular ActivitiesMcElhaney, Kevin; Zhang, Ningyu; Basu, Satabdi; McBride, Elizabeth; Biswas, Gautam; Chiu, Jennie