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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Whose Video?: Surveying Implications for Participants Engagement in Video Recording Practices in Ethnographic ResearchElliott, Colin Hennessy; Radke, Sarah; DeLiema, David; Silvis, Deborah; Vogelstein, Lauren; Vossoughi, Shirin; Hall, Rogers
2020-06Learning and Teaching in the Ruins: Reassembling Innovation Debris After Grants ExpireSmirnov, Natalia
2020-06Characterizing Metacognitive and Progressive Dialogue in Knowledge-Building ClassroomTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol
2020-06Exploring Learner Behavioral Patterns in Virtual-Reality-Based Role-playing for Teaching TrainingDai, Zhaihuan; Ke, Fengfeng; Dai, Chih-Pu
2020-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in the Context of Block-Based Agent-Based Modeling MicroworldsSwanson, Hillary; Martin, Kit; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06The Impact of Scaffolding on Simulation Assessment Performance for Systems and Systems ModelsHoush, Karyn; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Rehmat, Abeera P.; Cisterna, Dante; Liu, Lei
2020-06Teachers’ Conceptualizations of Computational and Mathematical ThinkingWalton, Margaret; Walkoe, Janet; Elby, Andrew; Fofang, Janet Shufor Bih epse; Weintrop, David
2020-06Supporting Teachers for Expansive Sense-Making in Elementary Science ClassroomsBraaten, Melissa; Schwarz, Christina; Haverly, Christa
2020-06Mutually Supportive Mathematics and Computational Thinking in a Fourth-Grade ClassroomFofang, Janet Shufor Bih epse; Weintrop, David; Walton, Margaret; Elby, Andrew; Walkoe, Janet
2020-06Building Capacity Via Facilitator Agency: Tensions in Implementing an Adaptive Model of Professional DevelopmentBoles, Kelly; Jarry-Shore, Michael; Villa, Anthony; Malamut, James; Borko, Hilda