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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Representing Percents and Personas: Designing Syncretic Curricula for Modeling and Statistical ReasoningRadke, Sarah; Vogel, Sara; Hoadley, Christopher; Y., Jasmine
2020-06Scenius at YOUmedia: Supporting and Sustaining Young People's Collective GeniusLund, Virginia Killian
2020-06Emergent Design Heuristics for Three-Dimensional Classroom Assessments that Promote EquityFurtak, Erin; Kang, Hosun; Pellegrino, James; Harris, Christopher; Krajcik, Joseph; Morrison, Deb; Bell, Philip; Lakhani, Heena; Suárez, Enrique; Buell, Jason; Henson, Kate; Nation, Jasmine; Tschida, Paul; Fay, Lindsay; Penuel, William R.; Biddy, Quentin; Wingert, Kerri
2020-06Enhancing Knowledge Building Discourse with Automated Feedback on Idea ComplexityZhang, Jianwei; Yuan, Guangji; Zhong, Jiuning; Pellino, Sam; Chen, Mei-Hwa
2020-06Empirical Re-conceptualization as a Bridge to InsightEllis, Amy; Lockwood, Elise; Lynch, Alison
2020-06Debugging for Art’s Sake: Beginning Programmers’ Debugging Activity in an Expressive Coding ContextBrady, Corey; Gresalfi, Melissa; Steinberg, Selena; Knowe, Madison
2020-06Embedded Assessment Tools for Maker Classrooms: A Design-Based Research ApproachKim, YJ; Murai, Yumiko; Chang, Stephanie
2020-06Destabilizing a Target Idea Framing to Expand Epistemic AgencyHayes, Robert; Gouvea, Julia
2020-06Undergraduate Researcher PersonasHuynh, Tra; Madsen, Adrian M; Sayre, Eleanor C
2020-06Diversifying Computational Tools: How Technology Affords and Constrains Indigenous Youths’ Design AgencyLitts, Breanne K.; Searle, Kristin; Hamilton, Megan; Yazzie, Kameica; Mannie, Cedric