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Title: Designing Technology as a Cultural Broker for Young Children: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Kim, Yanghee
Marx, Sherry
Ngoc, Hung Pham
Nguyen, Tung
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc. [ISLS].
Citation: Kim, Y., Marx, S., Ngoc, H. P., & Nguyen, T. (2018). Designing Technology as a Cultural Broker for Young Children: Challenges and Opportunities. In Kay, J. and Luckin, R. (Eds.) Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count, 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2018, Volume 1. London, UK: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: This study developed a socio-technical learning community of a humanoid robot, one child from a native-English-speaking background, and one child from a Spanish-speaking background, both living in the U.S. Grounded in pedagogical and communication theories, the bilingual robot mediated the two children's interaction activities to invite both children to participate equitably. Core research questions included i) What are the challenges in designing a robot to mediate equitable, collaborative interactions among young children? and ii) What themes arise in children's interactions with the robot and each other? We adopted a design research approach to developing interaction episodes and the robot's mediating utterances, where our designs were continuously revised as we observed triadic interactions in a natural kindergarten setting. This paper discusses our design experiences, as well as themes that emerged from ethnographic observations over a four-month period.
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