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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Exploring Teacher Presence During Social Regulation of Learning in Science ClassroomsDragnic-Cindric, Dalila; Lobczowski, Nikki G.; Greene, Jeffrey Alan; Murphy, P. Karen
2018-07Beyond Analogy: Qualitative Dimensions of Comparing in Math ClassWhite, Sarah L
2018-07Facilitation in Informal MakerspacesLee, Sarah Priscilla; Bar-El, David; Martin, Kit; Worsley, Marcelo
2018-07Orchestration tools for teachers in the context of individual and collaborative learning: what information do teachers need and what do they do with it?van Leeuwen, Anouschka; Rummel, Nikol; Holstein, Kenneth; McLaren, Bruce M.; Aleven, Vincent; Molenaar, Inge; Campen, Carolien Knoop-van; Schwarz, Baruch; Prusak, Naomi; Swidan, Osama; Segal, Avi; Gal, Kobi
2018-07A Geopositioning View of Teachers’ Orchestration in Active Learning Classrooms: Following teachers’ position/location within the classroomLenton, Kevin; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Dugdale, Michael; Zhang, Chao; Whittaker, Chris; Lasry, Nathaniel
2018-07Unpacking Why Student Writing Does Not Match Their Science Inquiry Experimentation in Inq-ITSLi, Haiying; Gobert, Janice; Dickler, Rachel
2018-07“Things are Made to Fail”: Constructive Failures in a Middle School Robotics CurriculumGomoll, Andrea Sarah; Tolar, Erin; Silver, Cindy Hmelo; Sabanovic, Selma
2018-07Characterizing Digital Contexts of Collaborative Learning: An Updated Classification Scheme for Computer-Mediated CommunicationWise, Alyssa; Paulus, Trena
2018-07Personal Experience and Emotion in Making Sense of Literary TextsSosa, Teresa; Hall, Allison H
2018-07Constructing Entities in Scientific ModelsElliott, Leslie Atkins; Barth-Cohen, Lauren