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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Middle School Student Ideas on the Relative Affordances of Physical and Virtual ModelsMcBride, Elizabeth; Vitale, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2018-07Networks in Small-Group and Whole-class Structures in Large Knowledge Building CommunitiesFENG, Xueqi; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol; Yang, Yuqin
2018-07Interdependence as a Treatment Effect: An Example From Group Awareness ResearchSchnaubert, Lenka; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07Effects of expertise on teachers’ technology-supported teaching scriptsWekerle, Christina; Kollar, Ingo
2018-07Developing Interdisciplinary Competencies for Science Teaching and Learning: A Teacher-Researcher Professional Learning CommunityWink, Donald J.; Goldman, Susan R; Pellegrino, James W; Gane, Brian Douglas; Ko, Monlin; Kang, Raymond; George, Mari Anne
2018-07A Study of the Design and Enactment of Scientific Modeling Tasks to Support Fourth-Grade Students’ Sense-MakingMarcum, Meredith Baker
2018-07Encountering and Becoming Role Models: Combating Underrepresentation in STEMHinojosa, Leighanna
2018-07A Look at the First Two years of a 5-Year Longitudinal Study of an OST Program’s Impact on STEM Career InterestPrice, Aaron; Skeeles-Worley, Angela D.; Tai, Robert
2018-07Navigating “Disability” in “Intensive Instruction”: Learner Complexity and Small EnvironmentsHunt, Jessica Heather
2018-07Visualizations of Community Knowledge for Supporting Middle School Students to Model Phenomena in Scientific InquiryLui, Michelle; Moher, Tom; Silva, Brenda Lopez