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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Biohacking Food: A Case Study of Science Inquiry and Design Reflections about a Synthetic Biology High School WorkshopWalker, Justice Toshiba; Shaw, Mia; kafai, yasmin; Lui, Debora
2018-07The Design and Evaluation of Optimal Computerized Guidance for Invention Activities: The Invention CoachChase, Catherine; Connolly, Helena; Lamnina, Marianna; Aleven, Vincent
2018-07Augmenting Formative Writing Assessment with Learning Analytics: A Design Abstraction ApproachKnight, Simon; Shibani, Antonette; Buckingham-Shum, Simon
2018-07Teachers Collaboratively Creating Micro-Credentials for Professional DevelopmentPowell, Sandy; Leary, Heather; McLachlan, Lisa; Brock, Karen
2018-07Multimodal Reflection: Adolescents Remixing and Sharing their Experiences in an Informal STEM+L AcademySmith, Blaine; Shen, Ji; Jiang, Shiyan; Chen, Guanhua; Hamaoui, Marie; Torralba, Juan
2018-07Projected Worlds: How Informal Digital Learning Organizations Conceptualize Organizing Youth FuturesSanto, Rafi; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Ahn, June
2018-07Exploring Multimodal Scaffolds Supporting Middle School Students’ Construction of Causal-Mechanistic Scientific ExplanationsMathayas, Nitasha; Brown, David
2018-07Dealing With Changes and Challenges: Grade 5 Students’ Experience with Knowledge Building Pedagogy in a Yearlong Science InquiryZhou, He; Zhang, Jianwei
2018-07Multimodal Texts and Tasks in Elementary Project-based ScienceFitzgerald, Miranda S; Palincsar, Annemarie Palincsar
2018-07Developing Assessment Tasks to Promote Student Sensemaking of Phenomena and Flexible ThinkingMiller, Emily; Codere, Susan; Krajcik, Joe