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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07"I'm Going to Fail": How Youth Interpret Failure Across Contextual BoundariesSimpson, Amber; Anderson, Alice; Maltese, Adam; Goeke, Megan
2018-07Exploring the Unknown: Supporting Students' Navigation of Scientific Uncertainty With Coupled MethodologiesGouvea, Julia Svoboda; Wagh, Aditi
2018-07ORBIT - Overcoming Breakdowns in Teams with Interactive TabletopsSunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Maquil, Valerie
2018-07Using Example-based PF Conditions to Investigate Preparatory Effects of Problem-solving Prior to InstructionHartmann, Christian; Rummel, Nikol; van Gog, Tamara
2018-07Mentor Academy: Engaging Global Learners in the Creation of Data Science Problems for MOOCsQuintana, Rebecca M; Brooks, Christopher; Smothers, Cinzia Villanucci; Tan, Yuanru; Yao, Zheng; Kulkarni, Chinmay
2018-07Qualitative Measures of Equity in Small GroupsArchibeque, Benjamin Archibeque; Kustusch, Mary Bridget; Genz, Florian; Franklin, Scott; Sayre, Eleanor C
2018-07Measuring Awe and Critical Thinking in a Science MuseumPrice, Aaron; Greenslit, Jana; Applebaum, Lauren R.; Segovia, Gloria Alicia; Slagel, Chaucey; Quinn, Kimberly A.; Krogh-Jespersen, Sheila
2018-07“Choose Your Own Adventure”: Responsive Curricular Choices in Elementary ScienceRichards, Jennifer; Thompson, Jessica
2018-07Representations of Progress in a Learning Community Curriculum for Grade 12 BiologyAcosta, Alisa; Slotta, Jim
2018-07Transitioning to an Integrated Science Teaching Model: Easier Said than DoneIveland, Ashley; Dyer, Elizabeth B; Britton, Edward; Tyler, Burr; Valcarcel, Joshua