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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Missing the Brilliance of Scholars of Color: Mathematics Teacher Educator Discourse in a white Zone of Proximal DevelopmentScroggins, Ashley D; Hand, Victoria; Bartell, Tonya; Byun, Sunghwan; Herbel-Eisenmann, Beth; Koestler, Courtney
2018-07Designing Technology as a Cultural Broker for Young Children: Challenges and OpportunitiesKim, Yanghee; Marx, Sherry; Ngoc, Hung Pham; Nguyen, Tung
2018-07Connected Cosplay: Fan Work as Pathways Toward OpportunityBender, Sophia; Peppler, Kylie A
2018-07Student Perceptions of Object-based Learning with Digitized Museum Materials during Classroom Science InstructionButcher, Kirsten R.; Hudson, Michelle; Runburg, Madlyn
2018-07Towards a Framework for Smart Classrooms that Teach Instructors to TeachGerritsen, David; Zimmerman, John; Ogan, Amy
2018-07Will Time Tell? Exploring the Relationship Between Step Duration and Student PerformanceChounta, Irene-Angelica; Carvalho, Paulo
2018-07Building a Team Leadership Index Through Computational MethodsXie, Kui; Di Tosto, Gennaro; Lu, Lin
2018-07Community-Based Design Partnerships: Examples from a New Generation of CHAT/DBRMelendez, Jose W.; Radinsky, Josh; Vossoughi, Shirin; Marin, Ananda Maria; Bang, Megan; Nolan, Charlene Montano; Phillips, Nathan C; Lund, Virginia Killian; Gonzales, Wendy; Allen, Shawndra; Bild, David; Bruton, Ilana; Carmichae, Jaclyn; Martell, Emma; Schmidt, Ani; Jurow, A. Susan; Hall, Rogers
2018-07Exploring Practices on the Move: Facilitating Learning Across a NeighborhoodCabrera, Lautaro; Ahn, June; Yip, Jason; Clegg, Tamara; Hernly, Kenna; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Pitt, Caroline; Pauw, Daniel
2018-07Conjecture Mapping the Library: Iterative Refinements Toward Supporting Maker Learning Activities in Small Community SpacesLee, Victor R.; Recker, Mimi; Phillips, Abigail Leigh