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Title: Digital Badges for Capturing, Recognizing, Endorsing, and Motivating Broad Forms of Collaborative Learning
Authors: Hickey, Daniel T.
Andrews, Christopher
Chartrand, Grant
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS)
Citation: Hickey, D. T., Andrews, C., & Chartrand, G. (2019). Digital Badges for Capturing, Recognizing, Endorsing, and Motivating Broad Forms of Collaborative Learning. In Lund, K., Niccolai, G. P., Lavoué, E., Hmelo-Silver, C., Gweon, G., & Baker, M. (Eds.), A Wide Lens: Combining Embodied, Enactive, Extended, and Embedded Learning in Collaborative Settings, 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) 2019, Volume 2 (pp. 656-659). Lyon, France: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Traditionally, schools have measured, compelled, credentialed, and accredited achievement. The practices for doing so are opaque, analog, expensive, inefficient, and entrenched. This makes schools resistant to embodied, enactive, extended, and embedded collaborative learning. Digital badges can contain (a) specific claims about such broad learning, (b) web-enabled digital evidence supporting those claims, and (c) information about how that evidence was obtained. Badges can then circulate this information readily in social networks where they can gain additional meaning. This paper explores how CSCL goals might be served by using badges to shift towards capturing, recognizing, endorsing, and motivating learning, and doing so for a much broader range of learning than otherwise possible.
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