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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-12Collaborative Learning through Computer-Mediated ArgumentationVeerman, Arja L.; Andriessen, J.E.B.; Kanselaar, G.
1999-12Imagination, production, and collaboration in project-based learning using multimediaPenuel, William R; Korbak, Christine; Cole, Karen A.; Jump, Otak
1999-12CollabU: A design for reflective, collaborative university teaching and learningBreuleux, Alain; Owston, Ron; Laferrière, Thérèse; Estes, Nolan; Resta, Paul; Hunter, William; Awalt, Carolyn
1999-12Team Tutoring Systems: Reifying Roles in Problem SolvingSingley, Mark K.; Fairweather, Peter G.; Swerling, Steven
1999-12Fostering Creativity through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in an Online Dance CourseGarland, Iris; Teles, Lucio; Wang, Xinchun
1999-12Effects of Alternate Representations of Evidential Relations on Collaborative Learning DiscourseSuthers, Daniel D.
1999-12How Youth and Mentors Experience Project-based Learning in an Internet-based Shared Environment for Expeditions (iExpeditions)Wang, Minjuan; Laffey, Jim; Tupper, Tom; Wangemann, Paul; Harris, Carl
1999-12The Design Discussion Area: A Collaborative Learning Tool in Support of Learning from Problem-Solving and Design ActivitiesKolodner, Janet L; Nagel, Kristine
1999-12Modeling Constructivist Teaching Functionality and Structure in the KBS Hyperbook SystemHenze, Nicola; Nejdl, Wolfgang; Wolpers, Martin
1999-12An integrated approach to individual and collaborative learning in a web-based learning environmentPuntambekar, Sadhana