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Title: Evolution, Hypermedia Learning Environments, and Conceptual Change
Authors: Jaoobson, Michael J.
Sugimoto, Akiko
Archodidou, Anthi
Issue Date: Jul-1996
Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Citation: Jaoobson, M. J., Sugimoto, A., & Archodidou, A. (1996). Evolution, Hypermedia Learning Environments, and Conceptual Change. In Edelson, D. C. & Domeshek, E. A. (Eds.), International Conference on the Learning Sciences, 1996 (pp. 151-158). Evanston, IL, USA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).
Abstract: This paper describes a study of high school students using a case-based hypermedia learning environment, the Evolution Thematic Investigator, to help learn a neo-Darwinian model of evolution. This hypermedia program has a number of features based on recent cognitive learning theory and research, such as: a conceptual change lesson, multiple cases of evolutionary biology, case-theme commentaries to make explicit the situated variability of the neo-Darwinian mental model, on-line scaffolded problem-solving modules, and guided thematic criss-crossing of knowledge synthesis study questions. The experiment collected written assessment measures, detailed verbal protocols, and interviews of eight students using the program and solving evolutionary biology problems. The main experimental findings indicated that there was a significant change in the students' mental models about evolution. The implications of this research for learning about evolution, and for the design of hypermedia environments that promote learning and conceptual change of complex knowledge, are also considered.
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