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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-07The Transfusion Medicine Tutor: The Use of Expert-Systems Technology to Teach Students and Provide Support to Practitioners in Antibody IdentificationObradovich, Jodi Heintz; Guerlain, Stephanie; Smith, Philip K.; Smith, Jack W.; Rudmann, Sally; Sachs, Larry; Svirbley, John; Kennedy, Melanie; Sirohm, Patricia L.
1996-07Differential Participation During Science Conversations: The Interaction of Display Artifacts, Social Configurations, and Physical ArrangementsRoth, Wolfe-Michael; Mcginn, Michelle K.
1996-07Doing Their Own Math: Computer Support of Discursive Approaches to “Real” Math ProblemsWeber-Russell, Sylvia; Leblanc, Mark D.
1996-07Three Electronic Networks: Three Kinds of Computer-Mediated CommunicationIshihara, Nancy G.; Muscella, Deborah; Pagei, Katherine Frome; Walters, Joseph
1996-07Learning English via Interactive Mathematics: Using a Multimedia Pre-Calculus Program to Acquire Language SkillsGlfford, Bernard; Williamson, Mary; , Constantakis-Valdes
1996-07Cognitive Performances in Dynamic Modeling: Case Studies of Opportunities Taken and MissedStrateord, Steven J.; Krajcik, Joseph S.; Soloway, Elliot
1996-07Institutions of Learning: A Report from the TrenchesAbeles, Jon; Casey, William; Berube, Sandy; Sci-Iarf, Kathleen; A, Patricia Sachs
1996-07New Audio Technology Partners to Support Authentic Literacy DevelopmentBrophy, Sean P.; Sharp, Diana
1996-07Children Online: Constructing Community StandardsEvard, Michele
1996-07A Case Study of Problem-Based Learning in a Middle-School Science Class: Lessons LearnedGertzman, Alice; Kolodner, Janet L.