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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-06Replaying History: Engaging Urban Underserved Students in Learning World History Through Computer Simulation GamesSquire, Kurt; Barab, Sasha
2004-06Authoring Branching Storylines for Training ApplicationsGordon, Andrew S.
2004-06Meeting Teachers in the Middle: Designing Handheld Software to Improve Student QuestioningPenuel, William R.; Yarnall, Louise; Koch, Melissa; Roschelle, Jeremy
2004-06Increasing Diversity in the Information Technology Workforce: Implications from a Study of Factors that Predict Achievement in CSKatz, Sandra; Allbritton, David; Aronis, John; Wilson, Christine; Soffa, Mary Lou
2004-06The Benefits & Challenges of Learning from Contrasting Video CasesNagarajan, Anandi; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Chernobilsky, Ellina
2004-06Designing Pedagogical Agents to Address Diversity in LearningBaylor, Amy L.
2004-06RoBallet: Exploring Learning through Expression in the Arts through Constructing in a Technologically Immersive EnvironmentCavallo, David; Sipitakiat, Arnan; Basu, Anindita; Bryant, Shaundra; Welti-Santos, Larissa; Maloney, John; Chen, Siyu; Asmussen, Erik; Solomon, Cynthia; Ackermann, Edith
2004-06Standardized Test Outcomes of Urban Students Participating in Standards and Project Based Science CurriculaGeier, Robert; Blumenfeld, Phyllis; Marx, Ronald; Krajcik, Joseph; Fishman, Barry; Soloway, Elliot
2004-06Improving Urban Youth’s Interest and Engagement through Field-based Scientific InvestigationsBarnett, Michael; Strauss, Eric; Rosca, Camelia; Langford, Heather; Chavez, Dawn; Deni, Leah; Lord, Charles
2004-06Numerically Driven Inferencing about Abortion: Estimation and Rate Feedback’s Diverse Effects on Personal Policies and Justificationsde Osuna, Jennifer Garcia; Ranney, Michael; Nelson, Janek; Germine, Laura