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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-06GoGo Board: Augmenting Programmable Bricks for Economically Challenged AudiencesSipitakiat, Arnan; Blikstein, Paulo; Cavallo, David P.
2004-06Role, Goal, and Activity: A Framework for Characterizing Participation and Engagement in Project-Based Learning EnvironmentsPitts, Virginia M.; Edelson, Daniel C.
2004-06Of Grids and Jars: A Comparative Analysis of Representational Infrastructure and Learning Opportunities in Middle School and Professional ScienceHall, Rogers; Lehrer, Rich; Lucas, Deb; Schauble, Leona
2004-06Representing a Problem Space: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Practice of Instructional LeadershipBrenninkmeyer, Lawrence D.; Sherin, Bruce L.; Spillane, James P.
2004-06Supporting Middle School Students Use Nonlinear Science Texts in an Inquiry ClassroomStylianou, Agnes; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2004-06The Digital IdeaKeeper: Combining Digital Library Services with Support for Online InquiryQuintana, Chris; Zhang, Meilan
2004-06My World: A Case Study in Adapting Scientists’ Tools for LearnersEdelson, Daniel C.
2004-06'Cultural Mathematics' in the Oksapmin Curriculum: Continuities and DiscontinuitiesEsmonde, Indigo; Saxe, Geoffrey B.
2004-06Managing Ideological and Pedagogical Dilemmas: Improvising a Balance between Discovery and Transmission in 2 K-1 Science ClassroomsJurow, A. Susan; Creighton, Laura
2004-06Understanding Collaborative Activity Systems: The Relation of Tools and Discourse in Mediating LearningHmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Chernobilsky, Ellina