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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-06Leveraging Handhelds to Increase Student Learning: Engaging Middle School Students with the Mathematics of ChangeVahey, Philip; Tatar, Deborah; Roschelle, Jeremy
2004-06Developing Historical Thinking Practices through Technology-Supported InquiryPolman, Joseph L.; Westhoff, Laura; O'Neill, D. Kevin; Sohbat, Elahe; Asgari, Mahboubeh; Shin, Namsoo; McGee, Steven; Radinsky, Josh; Bell, Philip
2004-06Climbing to Understanding: Lessons from an Experimental Learning Environment for Adjudicated YouthCavallo, David; Papert, Seymour; Stager, Gary
2004-06Cognitive Partnerships on the Bench TopsNewstetter, Wendy C.; Kurz.-Milcke, Elke; Nersessian, Nancy J.
2004-06The Best Made Plans of Mice and Curriculum Planners: Embracing Diversity in Teacher Needs and Planning For ItFasse, Barbara Burks
2004-06The Interest-Driven Learning Design Framework: Motivating Learning through UsefulnessEdelson, Daniel C.; Joseph, Diana M.
2004-06Learning from Category-Avoiding Instructional Examples Reduces Cognitive Load and Fosters Cognitive Skill AcquisitionGerjets, Peter; Scheiter, Katharina; Catrambone, Richarad
2004-06Models of Learning and Theories of Practice for Informal Learning EnvironmentsHsi, Sherry; Crowley, Kevin; Duschl, Richard; Finke, Coe Leta; King, Heather; Sabelli, Nora
2004-06We Built This City: Developing Students' Understanding of Ecology Through the Professional Practice of Urban PlanningBeckett, Kelly L.; Shaffer, David Williamson
2004-06Collaborative Learning in Distributed SeismographyBaloian, Nelson; Breuer, Henning; Hoppe, Ulrich; Pino, Jose A.