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dc.contributor.authorHod, Yotam
dc.contributor.authorCharles, Elizabeth S.
dc.contributor.authorAcosta, Alisa
dc.contributor.authorBen-Zvi, Dani
dc.contributor.authorChen, Mei-Hwa
dc.contributor.authorChoi, Koun
dc.contributor.authorDugdale, Michael
dc.contributor.authorKali, Yael
dc.contributor.authorLenton, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, Scott P.
dc.contributor.authorMoher, Tom
dc.contributor.authorQuintana, Rebecca M.
dc.contributor.authorRook, Michael M.
dc.contributor.authorSlotta, James D.
dc.contributor.authorTietjen, Phil
dc.contributor.authorWeiss, Patrice L. Tamar
dc.contributor.authorWhittaker, Chris
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Jianwei
dc.contributor.authorBielaczyc, Katerine
dc.contributor.authorKapur, Manu
dc.identifier.citationHod, Y., Charles, E. S., Acosta, A., Ben-Zvi, D., Chen, M., Choi, K., Dugdale, M., Kali, Y., Lenton, K., McDonald, S. P., Moher, T., Quintana, R. M., Rook, M. M., Slotta, J. D., Tietjen, P., Weiss, P. L., Whittaker, C., Zhang, J., Bielaczyc, K., & Kapur, M. (2016). Future Learning Spaces for Learning Communities: New Directions and Conceptual Frameworks In Looi, C. K., Polman, J. L., Cress, U., and Reimann, P. (Eds.). Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2016, Volume 2. Singapore: International Society of the Learning Sciences.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis symposium presents our efforts to reconceptualize learning spaces from their traditional notions as bound and immutable to one where the physical and social boundaries are flexible and dynamically connected to the learning itself. We present the work from five international research centers that consider space as a multi-dimensional mediational tool that shapes, and is shaped by, the learning communities who use them. In each case, researchers will present their innovative spaces along with the learning community frameworks they use to describe and design them. Each study demonstrates specific insights regarding how to conceptualize and design Future Learning Spaces for Learning Communities.en_US
dc.publisherSingapore: International Society of the Learning Sciencesen_US
dc.titleFuture Learning Spaces for Learning Communities: New Directions and Conceptual Frameworksen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
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