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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-05Preserving Authenticity in CoLs and CoPs: Proposing an Agenda for CSCLHung, David; , Der Thanq Chen
2005-05Supporting Collaborative Discovery Learning by Presenting a ToolSaab, Nadira; van Joolingen, Wouter
2005-05Promotion of Self-Assessment for Learners in Online Discussion Using the Visualization SoftwareMochizuki, Toshio; Kato, Hiroshi; Hisamatsu, Shin-ichi; Yaegashi, Kazaru; Fujitani, Satoru; Nagata, Tomoko; Nakahara, Jun; Nishimori, Toshihisa; Suzuki, Mariko
2005-05Mystery at the Museum – A Collaborative Game for Museum EducationKlopfer, Eric; Perry, Judy; Squire, Kurt; Jan, Ming-Fong; Steinkuehler, Constance
2005-05Making a Mesh of It: A STELLAR Approach to Teacher Professional DevelopmentDerry, Sharon J.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Feltovich, Joan; Nagarajan, Anandi; Chernobilsky, Ellina; Halfpap, Brad
2005-05A Cognitive Tool in Handheld Devices for Collaborative Learning: Comprehending Procedural Knowledge of the Addition of Common FractionsKONG, Siu Cheung; LAM, Sau Yin; KWOK, Lam For
2005-05Using Paper to Support Collaboration in Educational ActivitiesTallyn, Ella; Frohlich, David; Linketscher, Nadja; Signer, Beat; Adams, Guy
2005-05ACT: A Web-Based Adaptive Communication ToolGogoulou, Agoritsa; Gouli, Evangelia; Grigoriadou, Maria; Samarakou, Maria
2005-05The Evolution of the Intellectual Partnership with a Cognitive Tool in Inquiry-Based Astronomy LaboratoryKim, Beaumie; Hay, Kenneth E.
2005-05Designing Collaborative Learning Systems: Current Trends & Future Research AgendaDimitracopoulou, Angelique