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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-05Identifying Peer Interaction Patterns and Related Variables in Community-Based LearningSuh, Heejeon; Kang, Myunghee; Moon, Kyungae; Jang, Howook
2005-05Internal and External Collaboration Scripts in Web-Based Science Learning at SchoolsKollar, Ingo; Fischer, Frank; Slotta, James D.
2005-05Usability as an Interactional Resource: Deictic Management of Scene FormulationZemel, Alan; Koschmann, Tim; LeBaron, Curtis; Feltovich, Paul
2005-05Weak Guidance with “Look” Functionality in Handheld-Based Classroom ActivitiesKim, Kibum; Tatar, Deborah G.
2005-05Towards a Dialogic Understanding of the Relationship between CSCL and Teaching Thinking SkillsWegerif, Rupert
2005-05The Effect of Video-Augmented Chat on Collaborative Learning with CasesTscholl, Michael; McCarthy, John; Scholl, Jeremiah
2005-05Collaborative Scaffolding in Synchronous Environment: Congruity and Antagonism of Tutor/Student Facilitation ActsPata, Kai; Sarapuu, Tago; Archee, Raymond
2005-05Experiences with Interactive Lectures – Considerations from the Perspective of Educational Psychology and Computer ScienceScheele, Nicolai; Wessels, Anja; Effelsberg, Wolfgang; Hofer, Manfred; Fries, Stefan
2005-05Analyzing and Supporting Collaboration in Cooperative Computer-Mediated CommunicationZumbach, Jörg; Schönemann, Jochen; Reimann, Peter
2005-05The Impact of Role Assignment as Scripting Tool on Knowledge Construction in Asynchronous Discussion GroupsSchellens, Tammy; Van Keer, Hilde; Valcke, Martin; De Wever, Bram