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Title: A Resources Interpretation of Teachers’ Epistemologies of Science
Authors: Honda, Sandra
May, David
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Honda, S. & May, D. (2006). A Resources Interpretation of Teachers’ Epistemologies of Science. In Barab, S. A., Hay, K. E., & Hickey, D. T. (Eds.), The International Conference of the Learning Sciences: Indiana University 2006. Proceedings of ICLS 2006, Volume 1 (pp. 264-269). Bloomington, Indiana, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Teachers' epistemologies of science are explored as they emerge during the course of an authentic laboratory research experience. Using a resources framework as an interpretive lens, we find that teachers develop epistemological resources for the nature of science while conducting authentic research and participating in conversations in which epistemic discourse about the nature of science is facilitated. However, stability of these epistemological resources and the contexts in which they are activated vary across individuals. Here we describe a sample of the resources along with some contexts in which they are and are not activated.
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