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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Slides, Sushi, and Sixth-Graders: A Case Study of Elementary Student Art-based Learning in a Museum SettingMartell, Sandra Toro
2006-06Misconceptions in Natural Selection: Conceptual Change Through Time in Biology ClassroomsManzey, Christine; Pugh, Kevin; Kelly, Kristin; Stewart, Victoria
2006-06Lessons Learned From Using an Asynchronous Online Discussion Board to Facilitate Scientific Thinking in a Large Cognitive Psychology Lecture ClassLippman, Jordan; Pellegrino, James; Koziol, Renee; Whitehair, Emily
2006-06Enhancing Mathematical Discourse in Elementary ClassroomsLewison, Mitzi; Graves, Ingrid; Sanchez, Lenny
2006-06Systematic Formation of Reading Comprehension in Visually Impaired ChildrenKosonen, Kari; Hakkarainen, Kai
2006-06Assessing Conceptual Change in an Anchored, Case-based EnvironmentKinzer, Charles K.; Kapur, Manu; Cammack, Dana W.; Lohnes, Sarah
2006-06Visualizing Discussion by the Use of the Conversation Chain ModelKarkin, Sabina; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06Individual Differences in Sense of Classroom CommunityKe, Fengfeng
2006-06A Model for Video-based Virtual Field ExperienceKale, Ugur; Hur, Jung Won; Yerasimou, Theano; Brush, Thomas
2006-06Seeds of a Computer Culture: An Archival Analysis of Programming Artifacts from a Community Technology CenterKafai, Yasmin; Peppler, Kylie A.; Alavez, Mabel; Ruvalcaba, Omar
2006-06Automated Social Network Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating SociabilityJob-Sluder, Kirk
2006-06Cognitive Effects of Chess Instruction on Students At Risk for Academic FailureHong, Saahoon; M., William
2006-06Enhancing Children's Learning in Museums: A Design-based Research ApproachHall, Tony; Bannon, Liam; Ciolfi, Luigina; Gallagher, Paul; Ferris, Kieran; Mulhern, Ruth; Hickey, Nora
2006-06Design Principles for the Knowledge-Practices Laboratory (KP-Lab) ProjectHakkarainen, Kai; Muukkonen, Hanni; Markkanen, Hannu
2006-06Learning as Perspective Taking: Conceptual Alignment in the ClassroomGreeno, James G.; MacWhinney, Brian
2006-06Nurses' Informal Argument: Learning to Justify the Claim and Reach AgreementHagler, Debra; Brem, Sarah
2006-06Help-seeking Behavior and Learning with HypermediaGodbole-Chaudhuri, Pragati; Winters, Fielding I.; Azevedo, Roger; Hofman, Neil
2006-06Messy Learning Environments: Busy Hands and Less Engaged MindsGardner, Christina M.; Clegg, Tamara L.; Williams, Oriana J.; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06Semiotics: Mediation Tools That Can Fill ELearning GapsCook, Ruth Gannon
2006-06Give Learners Questions to Answer While Watching Animated ExamplesGane, Brian D.; Catrambone, Richard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 205