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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Formative Assessment: Reducing Math Phobia and Related Test Anxiety in a Geology Class for Non-Science MajorsSvihla, Vanessa
2006-06Helio-Room: Problem Solving in a Whole Class Visual SimulationThompson, Mark; Moher, Tom
2006-06Engineering Girls Gone Wild: Developing an Engineering Identity in Digital ZooSvarovsky, Gina Navoa; Shaffer, David Williamson
2006-06Conflicts in Pedagogical and Technical Knowledge: Pre-service Teachers’ Understanding and Misconception of Integrating Technology into PBL LessonsSo, Hyo-Jeong; Kim, Bosung
2006-06Toward a General Student Model: Accounting for Individual Learner Differences across Multiple Learning EnvironmentsSmith, Garrett W.
2006-06Adaptive SimulationsSingley, Mark K.; Wolf, Tracee Vetting; Fairweather, Peter; Lam, Richard B.
2006-06Learning Science by Participating in Design: A Case Where Multiple Design Subgoals Interfere with Systematic ProgressSilk, Eli M.; Schunn, Christian D.
2006-06Facilitating Social Creativity through Collaborative DesigningSeitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Uotila, Minna
2006-06Personalized Identity, Mentoring and Mathematical Conversation: The Math Forum's Online Mentoring ProjectShumar, Wesley
2006-06Modeling Modern Methods in High School Physics ClassesScheintaub, Hal
2006-06Using Handheld PCs and Peer Instruction to Improve Science Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationSamson, Perry; Teasley, Stephanie D.; van der Pluijm, Ben; Knoop, Peter
2006-06Justification of Socioscientific Claims as the Basis for Assessing ArgumentationSadler, Troy D.
2006-06A Comprehension Tool for Mathematics?: The Math Forum@Drexel’s Online Mentoring GuideRenninger, K. Ann; Ray, Lillian S.; Luft, Ilana; Newton, Erica L.
2006-06Creative Codings: Investigating Cultural, Personal, and Epistemological Connections in Media Arts ProgrammingPeppler, Kylie A.; Kafai, Yasmin B.
2006-06Learning Communities and Laptops: A Design ExperimentReimer, Todd; Rader, Felicia
2006-06Music By Ear: An Interactive System to Teach Old-time FiddleOsment, Matthew; Reimer, Todd
2006-06Tupelo Enacted: How Teachers Shape Learning Opportunities in Middle Grades MathematicsOrrill, Chandra Hawley; Anthony, Holly Garrett; Izsák, Andrew; Singleton, Ernise
2006-06Metaskills of Collaborative Inquiry in Higher EducationMuukkonen, Hanni; Lakkala, Minna
2006-06Playshop as Space for Emergent LearningMiyata, Yoshiro; Ueda, Nobuyuki
2006-06A Comparison of Students' Conceptions about the Nature of Argumentation in School and Professional ScienceMillwood, Kelli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 205