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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Fostering Students' Participation in Face-to-Face Interactions and Deepening Their Understanding by Integrating Personal and Shared SpacesYamaguchi, Etsuji; Inagaki, Shigenori; Sugimoto, Masanori; Kusunoki, Fusako; Deguchi, Akiko; Takeuchi, Yuichiro; Seki, Takao; Tachibana, Sanae; Yamamoto, and Tomokazu
2007-07Patterns of Collaboration in Design Courses: Team Dynamics Affect Technology Appropriation, Artifact Creation, and Course PerformanceMaldonado, Heidy; Lee, Brian; Klemmer, Scott; Pea, and Roy
2007-07Evaluating the Effect of Feedback from a CSCL Problem Solving Environment on Learning, Interaction, and Perceived InterdependenceGweon, Gahgene; Rose, Carolyn; Albright, Emil; Cui, and Yue
2007-07Video Traces: Creating Common Space between University and Public Schools for Preparing New TeachersSaxena, Amit; Stevens, and Reed
2007-07Exploring the Potential of a Handheld Participatory Simulation and Social Network Application for Revealing Decision-Making Processes for Information Seeking Amongst Middle School StudentsYoon, Susan
2007-07Partner Modeling Is MutualSangin, Mirweis; Nova, Nicolas; Molinari, Gaelle; Dillenbourg, and Pierre
2007-07The Disembodied Act: Copresence and Indexical Symmetry in Computer-mediated CommunicationZemel, Alan; Shumar, Wesley; Cakir, and Murat
2007-07CSCL Interaction Analysis for Assessing Knowledge Building Outcomes: Method and ToolLi, Yanyan; Liao, Jian; Wang, Jing; Huang, and Ronghuai
2007-07Process Gain: A Task on Which Real Groups Outperformed Invididuals Modeled Under Perfect-Knowledge-Sharing AssumptionsSears, David
2007-07Turning on Minds with Computers in the Kitchen: Supporting Group Reflection in the Midst of Engaging in Hands-on ActivitiesKolodner, Christina Gardner and Janet