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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Boda Blocks: A Collaborative Tool for Exploring Tangible Three-Dimensional Cellular AutomataEisenberg, Leah Buechley and Michael
2007-07From Socially-mediated to Technology-mediated Coordination: A Study of Design Tensions Using Group ScribblesDimitriadis, Yannis; Asensio-PĂ©rez, Juan Ignacio; Hernandez-Leo, Davinia; Roschelle, Jeremy; Brecha, John; Tatar, Deborah; Chaudhury, Raj; DiGiano, Chris; Patton, and Charles
2007-07Information as a Social Achievement: Collaborative Information Behavior in CSCLZhou, Nan; Zemel, Alan; Stahl, and Gerry
2007-07Influence of Group Member Familiarity on Online Collaborative LearningJanssen, Jeroen; Erkens, Gijsbert; Kirschner, Paul; Kanselaar, and Gellof
2007-07Engaging Students in Science Controversy Through an Augmented Reality Role-Playing GameRosenbaum, Eric; Klopfer, Eric; Boughner, Britton; Rosenheck, and Louisa
2007-07Mentored Professional Development to Support Successful Integration of Technologyenhanced Science CurriculumCorliss, Stephanie; Spitulnik, Michele; Higgins, Tara; Kirkpatrick, and Doug
2007-07Meaning Making in CSCL: Conditions and Preconditions for Cognitive Processes by GroupsStahl, Gerry
2007-07Supporting Collaborative Learning in Online Higher Education through Activity AwarenessAmelung, Chris; Laffey, James; Turner, and Paul
2007-07Fostering Peer Collaboration with TechnologyGobert, Janice; Slotta, James; Clarke, Jody; Dede, Chris; Gijlers, Hannie; Saab, Nadira; van Joolingen, Wouter; de Jong, Ton; Koedinger, Ken
2007-07The Effects of Conversations with Regulars and Administrators on the Participation of New Users in a Virtual Learning CommunityMedynskiy, Yevgeniy; Bruckman, and Amy