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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Are Core Objectives of Web-based Collaborative Inquiry Learning Already Core Learning Prerequisites? The Case of Argumentation Competences and Computer LiteracyKollar, Ingo; Wecker, Christof; Fischer, Frank; Kohnle, Carmen; Slotta, and James
2007-07Sensitivities to Early Exchange in Synchronous Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) GroupsKapur, Manu; Voiklis, John; Kinzer, and Charles
2007-07Towards a Flexible Model for Computer-based Analysis and Visualization of Collaborative Learning ActivitiesHarrer, Andreas; Zeini, Sam; Kahrimanis, Georgios; Avouris, Nikolaos; Marcos, Jose Antonio; Martinez-Mones, Alejandra; Maier, Anne; Rummel, Nikol; Spada, and Hans
2007-07Computational Literacy and Mathematics Learning in a Virtual World: Identity, Embodiment, and Empowered Media EngagementAbrahamson, Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell and Dor
2007-07Web based Platforms in Co-located Practice - The Use of a Wiki as Support for Learning and InstructionLymer, Gustav; Lundin, Johan; Brown, Barry; Rost, Mattias; Holmquist, and Lars Erik
2007-07Promoting Collaborative Learning in Higher Education: Design Principles for Hybrid CoursesLevin-Peled, Rachel; Kali, Yael; Dori, and Judy
2007-07Fostering Knowledge Building Using Concurrent, Embedded and Transformative Assessment for High- and Low-Achieving StudentsChan, Carol K.K.; Lee, Eddy Y.C.
2007-07Evaluating the Quality of Dialogical Argumentation in CSCL: Moving Beyond an Analysis of Formal StructureClark, Douglas; Sampson, Victor; Weinberger, Armin; Erkens, Gijsbert
2007-07Massively Multiplayer Online Games & Education: An Outline of ResearchSteinkuehler, Constance
2007-07The Impact of 3-D Based Group Interactions in an On-line Problem-based Learning EnvironmentOmale, Nicholas; Hung, Wei-Chen; Luetkehans, Lara; Cooke-Plagwitz, and Jessamine