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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06Student Participation in Disciplinary Discourses: When the Teacher Takes a Step Back, Who Takes a Step Forward?Cornelius, Lindsay
2008-06Real Arguments about a Virtual Epidemic: Conversations and Contestations in a Tween Gaming ClubKafai, Yasmin; Wong, Jacqueline
2008-06Design Thinking in GameStar Mechanic: The role of gamer experience on the appropriation of the Discourse practices of Game DesignersGames, Ivan Alex; Squire, Kurt
2008-06Equal Opportunity Tactic: An Approach to Moderating the Differences in Ability PerceptionCheng, Hercy; Wu, Winston; Chan, Tak-Wai
2008-06In The Eyes of Experts: Teaching Dynamic Features in Biology by Modeling Experts’ Eye Movement Strategies to NovicesJarodzka, Halszka; Scheiter, Katharina; Gerjets, Peter; Gemballa, Sven
2008-06Computer Mediated Discussions: Effects of the Previous Messages’ Evaluations, Knowledge Content, Social Cues and Personal Information on the Current MessageChen, Gaowei; Chiu, Ming Ming
2008-06A Design-based Approach to Experimental Design: Investigating Hypotheses About How Framing Influences TransferEngle, Randi; Roberts, Sharla; Nguyen, Phi D.; Yee, Pamela
2008-06When do diagrams enhance learning? A framework for designing relevant representationsDavenport, Jodi; Yaron, David; Klahr, David; Koedinger, Kenneth
2008-06Metacognitive Support for Reading in Science ClassroomsHerman, Phillip; Gomez, Louis; Gomez, Kimberley; Williams, Adam; Perkins, Kristen
2008-06Argumentation in Web-based Collaborative Inquiry Learning: Scripts for Writing and Scripts for Talking Aren’t the SameKollar, Ingo; Fischer, Frank; Slotta, James