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Title: Examining the Flow of Ideas During Critique Activities in a Design Project
Authors: McBride, Elizabeth
Vitale, Jonathan
Applebaum, Lauren
Linn, Marcia
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Philadelphia, PA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Citation: McBride, E., Vitale, J., Applebaum, L., & Linn, M. (2017). Examining the Flow of Ideas During Critique Activities in a Design Project In Smith, B. K., Borge, M., Mercier, E., and Lim, K. Y. (Eds.). (2017). Making a Difference: Prioritizing Equity and Access in CSCL, 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) 2017, Volume 1. Philadelphia, PA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Peer critique activities in design projects give students the opportunity to share ideas, receive feedback, and revise their work. Critique can increase student feelings of ownership of science ideas and help students to distinguish between different ideas they may have about how things work. In this paper, we examine how students use their own ideas and ideas from a partner group to revise and improve a physical solar oven they have built using guidance from an online curriculum. We find that students fall into two groups: distinguishing ideas and adding new ideas. Within distinguishing ideas, students can further separated by whether or not they kept only their own ideas or also added the ideas from their partner group. We look at case studies to determine how these groups changed their ideas before, during, and after the critique activity.
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