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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06An Investigation into Students' Interpretations of Submicroscopic RepresentationsStevens, Shawn; Shin, Namsoo
2010-06The Role of Definition in Supporting Mathematical ActivityKobiela, Marta; Lehrer, Rich
2010-06Scaling Practices of Spatial Analysis and ModelingHall, Rogers; Ma, Jasmine; Leander, Kevin; Taylor, Katie; Phillips, Nathan
2010-06Energy across the Curriculum - Cumulative Learning Using Embedded Assessment ResultsSvihla, Vanessa; Gerard, Libby; Ryoo, Kihyun; Sato, Elissa; Visintainer, Tammie; Swanson, Hillary; Linn, Marcia; Lee, Hee-Sun; Liu, Ou Lydia; Dorsey, Chad
2010-06Children Learning Science through Engineering: An Investigation of Four Engineering-Design-Based Curriculum ModulesWendell, Kristen B.; Connolly, Kathleen G.; Wright, Christopher G.; Jarvin, Linda; Rogers, Chris
2010-06Incorporating Affect in an Engineering Student's Epistemological DynamicsDanielak, Brian A.; Gupta, Ayush; Elby, Andrew
2010-06Coordination and contextuality: Revealing the nature of emergent mathematical understanding by means of a clinical interviewLevin, Mariana; Brar, Rozy
2010-06The Effect of Teachers' Beliefs and Curricular Enactments on Student Learning in High School ScienceMcNeill, Katherine; Pimentel, Diane; Strauss, Eric
2010-06Validity Evidence for Games as Assessment EnvironmentsDelacruz, Girlie C.; Chung, Gregory K.W.K.; Baker, Eva L.
2010-06Building Creativity: Collaborative Learning and Creativity in a Virtual Gaming EnvironmentPeppler, Kylie; Solomou, Maria