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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Investigating the Nature of Evidence 6th Grade Students Use When Constructing Scientific Explanations in BiodiversityHokayem, Hayat; Gotwals, Amelia
2010-06The Design Framework: An Organizing Artifact for Enhancing the Fidelity of Educational Research, Implementation, and AssessmentHalverson, Richard; Halverson, Erica Rosenfeld; Gnesdilow, Dana; Curwood, Jen Scott; Bass, Michelle; Karch, Anne
2010-06The identity formation of youth with disabilities across academic disciplines and social contextsBaines, AnnMarie; Bell, Philip
2010-06Student Progress in Understanding Energy Concepts in Photosynthesis using Interactive VisualizationsRyoo, Kihyun; Linn, Marcia
2010-06Aggregation in the blog-o-sphereAlterman, Richard; Larusson, Johann
2010-06Supporting Young New Media Producers Across Learning Spaces: A Longitudinal Study of the Digital Youth NetworkBarron, Brigid; Levinson, Amber; Martin, Caitlin; Mertl, Veronique; Stringer, Daniel; Rogers, Maryanna; Austin, Kimberly; Pinkard, Nichole; Richards, Kimberly; Gomez, Kimberley
2010-06The Educative and Scalable Functions of Authoring Tools to Support Inquiry-based Science LearningAsher, Itay; Tabak, Iris; Kollias, Vassilis; Kyza, Eleni; Nicolaidou, Iolie; Redfors, Andreas; Hansson, Lena; Schanze, Sascha; Saballus, Ulf
2010-06Teachers' Understanding of Partitioning When Modeling Fraction ArithmeticOrrill, Chandra; Izsak, Andrew; Jacobson, Erik; de Araujo, Zandra
2010-06Virtual Math Teams: An Online Tool for Collaborative Learning in the Mathematics DisciplinesWeusijana, Kofi; Ou, Jimmy Xiantong; Stahl, Gerry; Weimar, Stephen
2010-06The Use of Animations and Online Communication Tools to Support Mathematics Teachers in the Practice of TeachingMinh, Chieu Vu; Herbst, Patricio; Weiss, Michael