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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06The Influence of Presentation Format and Subject Complexity on Learning from Illustrated Texts in BiologyFlorax, Mareike; Ploetzner, Rolf
2010-06Spatial Intelligence and the Research - Practice ChallengeKrakowski, Moshe; Ratliff, Kristin; Gomez, Louis; Levine, Susan
2010-06Explaining across contrasting cases for deep understanding in science: An example using interactive simulationsChase, Catherine C.; Shemwell, Jonathan T.; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2010-06Helping Students Make Controlled Experiments More InformativeMcElhaney, Kevin; Linn, Marcia
2010-06Known Knowns and Unknown Knowns: Multiple Memory Routes to Improved Numerical EstimationClark, Dav; Ranney, Michael
2010-06The Effects of Physical and Virtual Manipulatives on Students' Conceptual Learning About PulleysGire, Elizabeth; Carmichael, Adrian; Chini, Jacquelyn J.; Rouinfar, Amy; Rebello, Sanjay; Smith, Garrett; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2010-06Comparing Pedagogical Approaches for the Acquisition and Long-Term Robustness of the Control of Variables StrategyPedro, Michael Sao; Gobert, Janice; Raziuddin, Juelaila
2010-06'I study features; believe me, I should know!': The mediational role of distributed expertise in the development of student authorityLanger-Osuna, Jennifer; Engle, Randi
2010-06Collaborative Productivity as Self-Sustaining Processes in a Grade 4 Knowledge Building CommunityZhang, Jianwei; Messina, Richard
2010-06Dynamics of disciplinary understandings and practices of attending to student thinking in elementary teacher educationCoffey, Janet; Edwards, Ann; Finkelstein, Carla