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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Pictorial illustrations in intelligent tutoring systems: Do they distract or elicit interest and engagement?Magner, Ulrike; Schwonke, Rolf; Renkl, Alexander; Aleven, Vincent; Popescu, Octav
2010-06Measuring Transformative Modeling: A Framework of Formatively Assessing Students' Deep Conceptual Understanding in Physical SciencesShen, Ji; Liu, Ou Lydia; Chang, Hsin-Yi
2010-06What Are They Talking About? Findings from an Analysis of the Discourse in Peer-Led Team Learning In General ChemistryBrown, Patrick; Sawyer, R. Keith; Frey, Regina; Gealy, Daniel; Luesse, Sarah
2010-06The Role of Concretization in Acquiring Design KnowledgeRonen-Fuhrmann, Tamar; Kali, Yael
2010-06Romantic beats "classic": New insights on the effects of self-regulation on learning by writingBraun, Isabel; Philippi, Susanne; NĊ¸ckles, Matthias
2010-06The Impact of a Media-Rich Science Curriculum on Low-Income Preschoolers' Science Talk at HomePenuel, William R.; Bates, Lauren; Pasnik, Shelley; Townsend, Eve; Gallagher, Lawrence P.; Llorente, Carlin; Hupert, Naomi
2010-06Examining the Role of Verbal Interaction in Team Success on a Design ChallengeApedoe, Xornam S.; Mattis, Kristina V.; Rowden-Quince, Bianca; Schunn, Christian D.
2010-06Changes in Teachers' Ability to Design Inquiry-Based Lessons During a Two-Year Preparation ProgramMacalalag, Augusto; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2010-06Contingent Identification in a Biomedical Engineering ClassroomSvihla, Vanessa
2010-06Teacher Learning about Teacher-Parent Engagement: Shifting Narratives and a Proposed TrajectoryDrake, Corey; Barton, Angela Calabrese