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Title: Towards an Understanding of "Listening" in Online Discussions: A Cluster Analysis of Learners’ Interaction Patterns
Authors: Wise, Alyssa Friend
Marbouti, Farshid
Speer, Jennifer
Hsiao, Ying-Ting
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences
Citation: Wise, A. F., Marbouti, F., Speer, J., & Hsiao, Y. (2011). Towards an Understanding of "Listening" in Online Discussions: A Cluster Analysis of Learners’ Interaction Patterns. In Spada, H., Stahl, G., Miyake, N., & Law, N. (Eds.), Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL2011 Conference Proceedings. Volume I — Long Papers (pp. 88-95). Hong Kong, China: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: Conducting learning conversations through online discussion forums differs from face-to-face conversations as learners can be selective in what comments they choose to "listen" to, when they chose to do so, and how long they spend attending to them. Using cluster analysis of learners' click-stream data from an online discussion forum, this study identified three patterns of behaviors that differentiate between learners: Superficial Listeners, Intermittent Talkers; Concentrated Listeners, Integrated Talkers; and Broad Listeners, Reflective Talkers. Clusters differed in the amount of time spent listening, number of posts attended to, number and length of their sessions, and number of own posts contributed and reviewed. Clusters did not differ in percentage of posts scanned (vs. read), time to compose posts, length of posts made, or final course grades. Results are compared to interaction styles found for other online tools and implications for practice and future research are discussed.
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