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Title: UltraLite Collaboration: A Low-Cost Toolkit to Promote Collaborative Learning in the Classroom
Authors: Rosenbaum, Claire
Blikstein, Paulo
Schank, Patti
Rafanan, Ken
Roschelle, Jeremy
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS)
Citation: Rosenbaum, C., Blikstein, P., Schank, P., Rafanan, K., & Roschelle, J. (2012). UltraLite Collaboration: A Low-Cost Toolkit to Promote Collaborative Learning in the Classroom. In van Aalst, J., Thompson, K., Jacobson, M. J., & Reimann, P. (Eds.), The Future of Learning: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2012) – Volume 2, Short Papers, Symposia, and Abstracts (pp. 567-568). Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
Abstract: The UltraLite Collaboration toolkit is a low-cost, collaborative electronic quiz book that encourages students to work together and share their reasoning when answering teacher- authored questions. Group dialog occurs in teams of three students within a school classroom. Students do not receive feedback about their individual answers, but rather about the group's level of agreement, and thus must discuss their answers. Previous work suggests significant growth in content-related dialogue using similar, but much costlier tools.
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