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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Enhancing Engagement and Collaborative Learning Skills in Multi-touch Software for UML DiagrammingBasheri, Mohammed; Burd, Liz; Munro, Malcolm; Baghaei, Nilufar
2013-06When Ideas Learn How to Fly: Children at the Intersection of Formal and Informal Learning SettingsWeibert, Anne; Aal, Konstantin
2013-06Visualizing Live Collaboration in the Classroom with AMOEBABerland, Matthew; Smith, Carmen Petrick; Davis, Don
2013-06Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Support Visual Coordination in Collaborative Problem-Solving GroupsSchneider, Bertrand; Pea, Roy
2013-06Extending the Reach of Embodied Interaction in Informal SpacesSlattery, Brian; Lyons, Leilah; Silva, Brenda López; Jimenez, Priscilla
2013-06Design in the World AND Our WorkReeve, Richard; Svihla, Vanessa
2013-06Group Work in the Science Classroom: How Gender Composition May Affect Individual PerformanceGnesdilow, Dana; Evenstone, Amanda; Rutledge, Julia; Sullivan, Sarah; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2013-06The Metafora Tool: Supporting Learning to Learn TogetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; Harrer, Andreas; Pfahler, Kerstin; McLaren, Bruce M.; Wegerif, Rupert; Kynigos, Chronis; Schwarz, Baruch
2013-06Scripting and Orchestration: Recent Theoretical AdvancesFischer, Frank; Slotta, Jim; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Tchounikine, Pierre; Kollar, Ingo; Wecker, Christof; Stegmann, Karsten; Chinn, Clark
2013-06Designing Interactive Scaffolds to Support Teacher-Led Inquiry of Complex Systems ConceptsDanish, Joshua A.; Saleh, Asmalina; Andrade, Luis A.