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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Supporting School Group Visits to Fine Arts Museums in the 21st Century: A CSCL Concept for a Multi-Touch Table Based Video ToolBorchers, Moritz; Mock, Philipp; Zahn, Carmen; Edelmann, Jörg; Hesse, Friedrich W.
2013-06The Influence of Training in Argumentation on Students' Individual Learning OutcomesGressick, Julia; Derry, Sharon J.
2013-06Experiences as Resources for Sense Making: Health Education Students' I-positioning in an Online Science Philosophy CourseArvaja, Maarit
2013-06Conceptual Ontology Framework for Socio-Cultural Aware Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsOuamani, Fadoua; Saoud, Narjès Bellamine Ben; M'tir, Riadh Hadj; Ghèzala, Henda Hajjami Ben
2013-06Finding Evidence of Metacognition through Content Analysis of an ePortfolio Community: Beyond Text, Across New MediaWozniak, Kathryn; Zagal, José
2013-06Learner-Support Agents for Collaborative Interaction: A Study on Affect and Communication ChannelsHayashi, Yugo
2013-06The Contagious Effect of Dialogism with New TechnologiesSlakmon, Benzi; Schwarz, Baruch B.
2013-06Promisingness Judgments as Facilitators of Knowledge BuildingChen, Bodong; Scardamalia, Marlene; Acosta, Alisa; Resendes, Monica; Kici, Derya
2013-06Demo of Collaborative Dynamic Mathematics in Virtual Math TeamsStahl, Gerry; Mantoan, Anthony; Weimar, Stephen
2013-06Individual and Collaborative Reflection at Work: Support for Work-place Learning in HealthcarePrilla, Michael; DeLeeuw, Krista; Cress, Ulrike; Herrmann, Thomas