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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Individual Grade Allocation in CSCL Writing Tasks: A Case StudyBuis, Stan; Schoonenboom, Judith; Beishuizen, Jos
2013-06Ethics for Design-Based Research on Online Social NetworksShapiro, R. Benjamin; Ossorio, Pilar N.
2013-06Blended Learning Experiences in a Multimodal Setting: The Impact of Communication Channels and Learners' CMC Expertise on Perceived Social Presence and MotivationMannsfeld, Marc; Wichmann, Astrid; Krämer, Nicole; Rummel, Nikol
2013-06Designing to Improve Biology Understanding Complex Systems in High School Classrooms: No Simple Matter!Yoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Wang, Joyce; Scheintaub, Hal; Reider, David
2013-06Constructive Use of Authoritative Sources Among Collaborative Knowledge Builders in a Social Science ClassroomChen, Fei-Ching; Chang, Chih-Hsuan; Yang, Cheng-Yu
2013-06The Radix Endeavor: Designing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game around Collaborative Problem Solving in STEMClarke-Midura, Jody; Rosenheck, Louisa; Haas, Jason; Klopfer, Eric
2013-06The Joint Action Theory in Didactics: A Case Study in Videoconferencing at Primary SchoolGruson, Brigitte; Sensevy, Gérard
2013-06Can We Increase Students' Motivation to Learn Science by Means of Web-Based Collaborative Inquiry?Raes, Annelies; Schellens, Tammy
2013-06INKA-SUITE: An Integrated Test-Environment for Analyzing Chat CommunicationKienle, Andrea; Schlösser, Christian; Schlieker-Steens, Philipp
2013-06The Blogosphere as Representational SpaceAlterman, Richard; Gunnarsson, Bjorn Levi