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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Evaluating Virtual Collaboration Over Time - A Pilot Field StudyKopp, Birgitta; Mandl, Heinz
2013-06Understanding the Life of an Online Community through AnalyticsModak, Rucha; Vashaw, Shawn
2013-06Levels of Articulated Reasoning in Spontaneous Face-to-Face Collaborations and Online Forum Postings Surrounding a Single-Player Physics Game in Public Middle School ClassroomsClark, Douglas; Smith, Blaine; Zuckerman, Stephanie; Wilson, Caroline; Ssebikindu, Joy; van Eaton, Grant
2013-06Collaborative Learning Across Space and Time: Ethnographic Research in Online Affinity SpacesMagnifico, Alecia Marie; Lammers, Jayne C.; Curwood, Jen Scott
2013-06Complementary Social Network and Dialogic Space Analyses: An E-discussion Case StudyGarzon, Myriam Sofia Rodriguez; De-Groot, Reuma; Drachman, Raul; Maldonado, Luis Facundo
2013-06Dynalabs for Teachers to Collaborate on Pedagogical StrategiesRoschelle, Jeremy; Patton, Charles; Brecht, John; Bowers, Janet; Courey, Sue; Murray, Elizabeth
2013-06Dynamic of Interaction Among Actors Mediated by the Visibility in an Online Community, What's Up With...?Hernández, Juan Carlos; Montoya, Andrea; Mena, Andrés; Castro, Maritza; López, Johana
2013-06Understanding the Enactment of Principle-Based Designs: Conceptualizing Principle-Based Approaches as Carriers of Principles for LearningOw, John; Paik, Sunhee; Bielaczyc, Katerine
2013-06Making Use of Collective Knowledge - A Cognitive ApproachCress, Ulrike
2013-06Factors Influencing Online Collaborative Learning: Why Some Groups Take Off Better than Others?Ioannou, Andri; Mama, Maria; Demetriou, Skevi