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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Computerized Text Analysis: Assessment and Research Potentials for Promoting LearningLee, Hee-Sun; McNamara, Danielle; Bracey, Zoë Buck; Liu, Ou Lydia; Gerard, Libby; Sherin, Bruce; Wilson, Chris; Pallant, Amy; Linn, Marcia; Haudek, Kevin C.; Osborne, Jonathan
2019-06Embodied Collaboration to Foster Instrumental Genesis in MathematicsShvarts, Anna; Alberto, Rosa; Bakker, Arthur; Doorman, Michiel; Drijvers, Paul
2019-06Computational Action in App Inventor: Developing Theoretical and Technological Frameworks for Collaboration and EmpowermentTissenbaum, Mike; Sheldon, Josh
2019-06Teacher Monitoring Routines: Understanding Pedagogical Judgments During Students’ Collaborative LearningEhrenfeld, Nadav; Horn, Ilana
2019-06A Systematic Review of the Quantification of Qualitative Data in Proceedings of International Conferences on CSCL from 2005 to 2017Xia, Yu; Borge, Marcela
2019-06“Can’t Nobody Floss Like This!”: Exploring Embodied Science Learning in the Third SpaceGeorgen, Chris
2019-06Does Order Matter? Investigating Sequential and Cotemporal Models of CollaborationSwiecki, Zachari; Lian, Zheming; Ruis, Andrew; Shaffer, D.W.
2019-06An Exploration of Female Engagement and Collaboration in the Bricks and Bits Maker ProjectAleman, Ezequiel; Davis, Pryce
2019-06Understanding CSCL Through the Lens of Research SynthesesVogel, Freydis; Jeong, Heisawn; Yoon, Susan; Håklev, Stian; Guillain, Leonore Valentine; Abassi, Nour Ghalia; Wan, Sally Wai Yan; Wan, Sancia Wai-San; Radkowitsch, Anika; Fischer, Frank; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy
2019-06Promoting and Tracing High School Students’ Identity Change in an Augmented Virtual Learning EnvironmentTalafian, Hamideh; Shah, Mamta; Barany, Amanda; Foster, Aroutis